KGE Chemical insists on to the employment standard of "both ability and political integrity, morality first" and creating an employment atmosphere of "letting everybody fully display their talents and making the best use of them". KGE has gathered a group of industry technical leaders and formed a large research team, technical team and service team with great progress in various businesses. At present, KGE Chemical has more than 50 full-time technicians, 80% of whom come from Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai where keep technical leading in coating industry, including 13 famous experts in the industry, 20 masters and 100 bachelors. KGE actively carries out technical exchanges with external institutes, constantly grasps the latest achievements and technological trends of coatings research at home and abroad, and keeps pace with the international technical information.
About talent strategy

KGE has always adhered to the employment ideality of "people-oriented", using scientific methods to manage and supply the company's human resources, achieving rational allocation of human resources, maximizing the development and utilization of human resources potential, and maintaining the advantages of intellectual capital competition. Inspire employees, let employees and the company develop together, and achieve a better future.

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